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Fall of 2012

Yes, there will be plot holes.

After The Dream Team of Cinematic Magic made THE REVOLVER, we then were tasked with making a live action short film.

As the writer, director, and lead male actor of this short film, I will be the first the say there we lots of problems with it.

Because I was in theatre, I asked all my theatre friends if they wanted to be in this movie. PROBLEM 1. They said yes and then backed out. After they said yes, I wrote the script. We started shooting, then people started to say “hey, something came up. I can’t be in your movie.” This caused over half of the scrip to be left out of the final cut.

PROBLEM 2. We are NOT A-list material. The most laughable thing about this is definitely our acting. It’s cringe-worthy, grit your teeth and look away. Why post this, you might ask. Well, I think you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, and I also think people can learn from it.

As terrible as this short film may or may not be, it was extremely fun to make. Everyone involved had a blast doing putting it together.


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July 28, 2018

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