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Who is Matthew Metzler?

Graphic Designer . Podcaster . Blogger . Athlete

Graphic Design

Need a logo? Painting? Sketch? I’m your man. Take a look at my work!

Taller Now Podcast

Two best friends and a mic… what could go wrong? See what Lucas and Matthew have to say now that they are all grown up.

Spelling Errors & All - Blog

One of the best ways to sort through your thoughts is to write them down. Here I happily share mine with you.

Zero 2 Hero

Join me as I push myself physically and mentally in an attempt to reach human perfection.


Taller Now

Podcast with Matthew and Lucas.

Coming SOON!

Podcast coming soon!

Waiting on Lucas’s schedule to clear up.

Spelling Errors & All

Latest from the Blog

Feeling Lost?

Unfortunately, I’ve been struggling to keep up with my weekly blog schedule. Last week I felt mentally foggy and couldn’t think clearly — this may have been due to my lack of quality sleep. I’ve been following my daily schedule, laid out in my first blog post, as...

Friends. Family. Respect.

Early this week I went over to a friends house for a social engagement. The people there were lively and we got to talking. I’d only known these people for about two months, so our familiarity wasn’t great and it showed in the conversation. Then, in a casual tone,...

Differing Opinions

“How about successfully handling a difference of opinion and ideals?? That has been something big I’ve noticed a lot of”

How to structure your day.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. – Vince Lombardi

Zero 2 Hero

From fat-ish to fit-ish.

Wanting to turn my life around, I came up with a way to make that happen. Introducing my diet and exercise routine – 100% based on bro science! *not a doctor  

Weight Routine

Pick things up and put them down!

Meal Plan

Nom nom nom… eat eat eat.


We have used Matthew Metzler for audio editing and website development for the last 3-4 years and are always pleased with the response time and product. I highly recommend Matthew for all of your multimedia design needs. He is great!

Jonathan Metzler

“Matthew is definitely your go-to guy for any and all your design needs! He’s careful, precise, and has a copious amount of talent up his sleeve. Matthew did some work on my blog site, and exceeded my expectations tenfold! I promise, you will not be disappointed; he is without a doubt, superb!”

Aaron Peralez