Zero 2 Hero

Be the person you admire.

The Challenge

When you look in the mirror do you hate what you see? At one point I did. So, I decided to make the changes in my life that needed to happen to ensure that would never be the case again. I needed to change. Spiritually. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally.

The Solution

Given that perfection can’t be reached, due to the relation between the soul, the body, and its environment is always changing, I will have to continually work on all three aspects of my life to ensure I am doing my best at all time. This will take discipline, planning, fortitude, and courage.




To get and stay below 10% bodyfat, year-round. 


Eat Well

Start and continue to cook all my meals.



Compete in at least one bodybuilding competition.


In the gym.

Hitting the weights.

To physically accomplish anything, it takes a great deal of self-discipline and planning. Self-discipline in your workouts and with your diet. To help you out I’ve posted what I personally believe is the best workout routine to follow. I am not a doctor.



In the kitchen.

Given how addictive and prevalent sugar is in the West, what we eat is one of the hardest things most American find it is to master. I am not a doctor. But, I will post what I’ve found to be very effective for me on days I am serious about training.

minutes a day reading.

The importance of reflection.

Throughout the years, as I’ve studied history and learned about the heroes of the past I noticed a pattern… they all either journaled or spent a great deal of time reading. This is why I encourage everyone to spend at least 30 minutes a day in self-reflection and if you’re religious, 30 minutes a day in prayer.


of your time for Charity

Gaining perspective.

No matter what our goals are, often we won’t be able to accomplish them without the help of someone else. This is why we should find the time to be charitable. It lets us know where we are in relation to the world and where our goals should be in relation to our needs.

“Matthew taught me two things when it comes to fitness.  One…you cannot out workout a bad diet.  And two…lifting weights will change your body.  It has been five years since we have worked out together and I still use his work out and diet plan every day.  He is disciplined, a great motivator, and he has forever changed the way I view health and fitness.”

– Courtney Ferguson

Be Inspired

Be Courageous