Movie Projects

Valorem: An Arduous Odyssey

VALOREM: AN ARDUOUS ODYSSEY is a dramatic fantastic about Eros – a fugitive who is on a quest to rescue the woman he loves from the underworld. But, before he can cross into the veil of death and retrieve her – Eros, in order to get the location of the underworld, offers to help a beautiful princess save her people from an ancient evil, Dolor.


When a mining engineer, Natalie, goes down to fix a cooling vent for the worlds deepest hole… something goes wrong. A secret lab. Creatures. Darkness. Natalie and the few people she is with must survive and claw their way to the surface before the Earth, or something else, swallows them whole.


On the snow-covered countryside of Aizen, during one of the many battles in the war of Sanguis, Holm watches his men of the Forlorn Uprising stare down the impossible beast that is The Zealots. As the swords and shields clash between the two armies, as blood is spilled, as men die, Holm instructs his subordinates to seek haven in the dark forest… but not even The Devil himself would dare go in there.

The Dead and the Desperate

After her husband and son are brutally murdered, this wife of an outlaw, Sharon, decides to team up with an ornery old marshall, an alcoholic sheriff, and a timid young deputy to avenge her family and kill the people responsible in this dramatic and violent western.

Finding Strawberry Icecream

When Terry Bull, owner of Blue Bull Ice Cream, gets murdered two of his employees, Matt and Mike, must help the cops, Don Key & Crystal Ball, find the person, or persons, responsible…